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Outsourcing and cleaning have bright future

"In the conditions of a growing competition the Russian companies even more often should reflect how to do business and to optimize expenses effectively. In this regard such technologies, as cleaning and personnel outsourcing, for a long time and successfully used abroad become popular. Seven years ago, when company F5 Service was founded, these directions of business in Russia had been almost undeveloped. The German company F5 GmbH, providing hotels and restaurants in the Western Europe services in service and cleanliness sphere more than 40 years, offered the Russian partner the franchise. Becoming its official representative, F5 Service received the ready business idea, the European recipes of business dealing checked up in the years and the newest administrative techniques …" Tatyana Verholantseva the commercial manager of F5 Service told about it and many other things in her interview to the leading magazine of the hotel industry of Russia «Five stars». To read the complete text of the interview please click on the following link.