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Features of cleaning and care of linoleum in commercial premises

Premature wear of the surface of the linoleum in commercial premises is promoted by the big passableness, and, accordingly, faster pollution. Accumulating on a surface of linoleum of dirt and a dust can deprive of its initial color, and also influences a linoleum protective layer, erasing it. Therefore the cleaning of linoleum coverings should pass in offices and the various enterprises regularly enough. It is not necessary to put off with the removal of every possible stain which are absorbed into the linoleum and become difficult enough to deduce. For their removal it is necessary to use professional washing means. When cleaning linoleum it is necessary to remember that it is sensitive enough to high temperatures, therefore it is not recommended to wash with hot water and, of course, it is necessary to avoid the sparks from matches, lighters and cigarette ashes. For cleaning commercial linoleum it is advisable to use alkaline or acidic cleaners. Abrasive cleaners should not be used for linoleum cleaning, as they lead to rapid abrasion of the protective layer. For increase of wear resistance of linoleum and prevent it from cracking you can use polymeric mastics which are put in 1-2 layers or on all linoleum, or on the separate places most subject to wear. Besides, for longer preserving of linoleum in a good condition it is desirable to establish at the entrance of premises anti splash rugs, they will detain dirt and the sand leading to fast abrasion of linoleum.