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F5 Service helps diseased children


May 31, 2012 F5 Service participated in “Good evening” campaign organized by children withoncological diseasescharity foundation “Nastenka”.

The main goal of the campaign is to attract attention to the problems of the children with oncological diseases and fund raising forexpensive equipment purchasing which F5 Service, the leader in professional cleaning, took active participation in.

In recent years oncologists haveachieve greatsuccessin diseases fighting which were considered incurable. At the current stage of child oncology recovery possibility depends on treatment diagnosis quality.

Under forehanded andadequate treatment the following number of patients recovers: Hodgkin disease 90%, tumor of kidney 90% and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia 80%. More than 50% of all the patients can return to the productive life if knowledgeable assistance is on time.

A lot ofcompaniesandindividualsparticipatedinthecampaign. For the money raised during this benefit event technical equipment for RUSSIAN CANCER RESEARCH CENTER (NNBRCRC) will be purchased.

“Good evening” campaign photo-report can be viewed here.