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F5 Service Company took part in the competition “Comfort and Coziness”

F5 Service Company took part in the competition “Comfort and Coziness”The First All-Russian competition “Comfort and Coziness -2012”, organized for hotel industry enterprises, was held at the hotel “Aquamarine” in August. The F5 Service Company acted both as a sponsor and one of the participants of this significant event.

Competition, organized by Mediahouse “Planet of Hotels” and by the First club of hospitality professionals with the support of Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers and Information Pnmroject PiR (ПИР) was designed to reveal the best experts in the following categories: "Best Professional - housekkeper" and "Best Professional - Supervisor."

F5 Service Company was awarded a certificate on hehalf of the president of the First club of hospitality professionals T.V. Kiberevoy and Director General of Mediahouse " Planet of Hotels” E.V. Shunina for a high professional level, its employees demonstrated during the competition.

Practical value of the event lay in experience exchange among the leading companies in the hotel industry, analysis and evaluation of innovative approaches and work techniques, personnel training, and the efficient functioning of hotel enterprises. Another significant aim of the competition was the integration of partners interested in promoting business in the hotel industry

Closing of the competition and prize giving ceremony will take place September 28th within the framework of professional exhibition "Hotel. Equipment and technology ".