Invitation to tender

The Restaurant Service

As it is well known, the hotels` ratings all around the world depend directly on the quality of the services provided. And to ensure the hotel`s prosperity and high-level occupancy, the service quality must be outstanding and anticipating the clients` needs. 

The mission of this training program:

  • This program aims at cultivating specialists in hospitality industry.
  • In the process of the training program, the specialists learn the necessary skills and the important details of the profession “cross functional employee of the restaurant service”.

Upon the training completion:

  • an employee obtains the knowledge and skills necessary for the profession “cross functional employee of the restaurant service”;
  • an employee undergoes the compulsory professional assessment;
  • each employee gets the opportunity to take part in the professional competitions;
  • Adding to that, each employee receives the individually worked out plan for the further professional skill development.       

The common topics for the training sessions: 

  • introduction to the hotel organizational structure;
  • introduction to the restaurant service professional activities;
  • orientation at hotels;
  • occupational safety rules;
  • general information on hotels;
  • introduction to the study of the “Standards”;
  • occupational safety training at the working place; 
  • the assortment of glass, porcelain, textiles used in the department;

The additional training course session:

  • the telephone etiquette, standard phraseology;
  • receiving reserves on the phone;
  • the standards of professional appearance;
  • the introduction to the competencies of hotel employees; 
  • the course of excellent service. Part 1. The excellent service employing the internal standards;
  • the course of excellent service. Part 2. Receiving feedback from customers for service quality development;
  • the course of excellent service. Part 3. The etiquette in hospitality industry;
  • the course of excellent service. Part 4. The luxury in hospitality industry;
  • Receiving the customer feedback;
  • The usage of the guest name;
  • Working at the buffet line.