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The housekeeping service

The maidservant training course.

The housekeeping service plays a vital role in the modern hotel industry. This training program includes the study of the housekeeping standards and organization for rooms, public spaces, the staff areas and the hotel office spaces. The special focus is on the innovations in the housekeeping area and the environment protection. 

The mission of this training program:

To train the employees so that they possess the necessary skills and the knowledge about details of the profession “room-maid”;

Upon the training completion:

  • The employee receives the necessary knowledge regarding the profession “room-maid”;
  • Undergoes the compulsory assessment;
  • Each employee gets the opportunity to take part in the professional competitions;
  • Each employee receives the individually worked out plan for the further professional skill development.

The training course topics on housekeeping service:

  • Orientation at hotels and the introductory briefing;
  • Information on the hotel; 
  • Occupational safety rules;
  • The description of the details and nuances of the “room-maid” profession;
  • The proper handling of cleaning products;
  • The textile and the work equipment for room-maids;
  • The maid cart setting;
  • The internal standards for room-maids;
  • The appearance of rooms-maids;
  • What a room-maid must know and observe;
  • The beginning of the day. The shift takeover;
  • The room-maid`s working day and the working place;
  • Planning the working day;
  • Types of room cleanings; 
  • The room maid`s working day;
  • The cleaning procedure order;
  • The stages of the room cleaning;
  • The room cleaning completion;
  • The shift handover;
  • The sign “do not disturb”;
  • The keys to the rooms and facilities;
  • Setting up the additional beds;
  • The glossary. The selection and formation of the vocabulary of professional terms and phraseology;
  • The examination;
  • The recommendations for the employees.