Invitation to tender


  • The working principles: what to do and how to do. All the trainers visit the objects. They observe the personnel performance. They coordinate the personnel`s work if it is necessary. They contact with customers to receive the feedback concerning the personnel performance quality. They work out a plan and schedule of trainings on sites and, consequently, they perform training sessions. Before arriving to the object on site, our specialists carry out educational sessions in the training center. 
  • Where the training sessions are conducted. They are carried out in the training center of the maintenance department on the base of the hotel Aerostar. The training period duration depends on the working experience of an employee (on the average 3-5 days). For the personnel that provides services at restaurants the training sessions are conducted in the training center located in our office. The training period duration depends on the working experience of an employee as well (on the average 3-7 days). Upon completion of the training session the employees are assigned to particular locations. After the training period, the employees undergo the post-training supervision. 
  • What kind of personnel is trained. Both operational staff and supervisors undergo the training courses. 
  • The directions of training courses. The key direction for the restaurant staff and maintenance staff is to learn how to work according to the hotels` standards. The additional training courses are aimed at development of personal and professional skills. The most common topics are customer communication, feedback receiving, complaints handling, activation of the empathy. 
  • The training courses are conducted in different ways: orally, in the written form, engaging group and individual training sessions. There are both lectures and couching sessions. The post-training supervision is undergone on site.