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The F5 Service “Retail” Department.

The “retail” department of the company F5 Service has been successfully working on the top level for 6 years, operating on the Moscow and the Moscow region markets and being the leader of cleaning service provision.

The 6 years` period of the high-qualified professional “retail” team`s successful work has shown the professional prowess regarding the service provision of different complexity, starting with the facility cleaning with the use of high-tech floor-washing machines and ending with the complete solutions for object-cleaning.

The “retail” department of the company F5 Service offers different types of cleaning services, such as:

  • Indoor premises cleaning, optionally with a floor-washing machine;
  • Entrance group cleaning;
  • Security desk cleaning;
  • Cleaning of halls;
  • Stair cleaning;
  • Shower unit cleaning;
  • Restroom cleaning; 
  • Cleaning of reception desk and adjacent area;
  • Cleaning of office premises;
  •  Retail space cleaning;
  • Market stand area cleaning;
  • Checkout and counter area cleaning;
  • Meal room cleaning;
  • The loading/unloading area cleaning;
  • Receiving area cleaning;
  • Underground parking cleaning;
  • Manufacturing facilities cleaning;
  • Loading/Unloading services;
  • Retrieval/gathering of shopping carts and baskets;
  • Hand cleaning of adjacent areas with the use of special-purpose machines. 

The “retail” department is oriented on:

(The “retail” department is oriented both on the companies that have established themselves as top companies on the outsourcing market, and on the start-up companies as well)

(quickly, simply, clear)
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(orientation on customer`s needs)
(professional support and consultancy)
(technology effectiveness)

Management. The “retail” department primarily focuses on the customer`s degree of satisfaction, that they have, evaluating the quality of our services. The managers of the company personally contacts the management of the business customer regarding the service quality, the business development trends of the customer, the current needs etc. It allows most effectively satisfy the customer`s needs and conform with the permanently growing demands of the “outsourcing” market.

Quality control department. The “retail” department regularly conducts analysis of the data gathered from the customer feedback in order to work out the service development plan.