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Leaves cleaning

Leaves cleaningFallen leaves, branches and mowed grass are serious problems for enterprises responsible for city streets, parks and surrounding area. Firstly, in cities leaves of plants actively accumulate toxic substances. By the end of vegetation period leaves of city trees contain huge amount of benzapyrene, salts of heavy metals and other compounds that adversely affect human organism. Secondly, leaves mixed with city trash look unaesthetic. Thirdly, leaves are good habitat for life and propagation of various pests (from insects to rodents).

That is why leaves cleaning is mandatory to maintain public health security of city green areas. However, cleaning of administrative and industrial buildings surrounding areas from leaves implies certain difficulties.

  • Cleaning of mowed grass, fallen leaves and branches is a time-consuming process. Large enterprises often solve this problem by organizing voluntary clean-ups. However such method is not reasonable for small private companies. Sales managers, programmers, engineers will bring more benefit to the company if they perform their main duties, whereas professional cleaners deal with leaves cleaning more efficiently.
  • Gathered leaves should be disposed in a right way. Burning or using leaves as fertilizer is inappropriate, as during burning or decay, toxic substances accumulated in leaves will get into the environment again. Specialized cleaning companies dispose leaves in area designated for it.
  • During leaves cleaning, unprepared people face risks for their health. Glass fragments, metal items and other trash hidden under leaves can harm person, who is cleaning surrounding area. Cleaning company’s personnel uses special equipment and outfit that reduces chance of being injured.

Professional leaves cleaning

F5 Service Company performs complex cleaning of the territory, surrounding trading and office centers, industrial enterprises and other buildings. Scope of works includes professional collection and removal of leaves, grass, branches and other trash.

Cleaners of our company use both manual tools and special equipment for leaves cleaning. Main technical appliances for plant-origin trash cleaning include air blowers (garden vacuums). Air blower is a multifunctional device with the following functions:

  • Collection of leaves and branches into a special tank (like a vacuum cleaner).
  • Garbage collection into piles with the help of backward air jet.
  • Plant origin garbage chopping in the tank of air blower which makes its removal and disposal easier.

F5 Service cleaners use specially equipped tractor in order to remove collected leaves. 

Neat surrounding area and secure working conditions for your company employees are main results of work of well-trained cleaners of F5 Service.

Advantages of cooperation with F5 Service

Efficiency and short terms of cleaning, cost saving and complex approach are main advantages of working with F5 Service.

Professional training of our specialists, use of modern equipment and huge experience in cleaning, including industrial cleaning, guarantees F5 Service clients efficient cleaning of surrounding area. We quickly clean leaves when it is suitable for the customer, staying practically unseen by your clients and employees.

If you entrust us to take care of cleanness of your surrounding area, you save money on payments to the budget and social funds, which are necessary if you hire wipers. Cooperation with a cleaning company is also more favorable as compared to traditional voluntary clean-ups, during which company’s employees get distracted from their main responsibilities.

F5 Service Company offers complex cleaning of surrounding areas. This allows our clients to reduce expenditures to maintain cleanness of facades and windows, collection and disposal of leaves, removal of garbage and sanitary treatment of trash containers.

If you want to organize cleaning of surrounding area from leaves, grass or other trash, dial F5 Service, Tel: +7 (495) 641-70-80.