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Fitness-centers cleaning

Fitness-centers cleaningIt is necessary to maintain perfect purity in fitness centers not only for the sake of image, but also for health of staff and customers. Cleaning of sports complexes is a more complicated type of cleaning, as compared, for example,to cleaning of office buildings. In such centers, as a rule, there are many diverse areas, each of them require the use of different equipment and chemicals.

Cleaning the gym

Cleaning this area requires special approach because there is a lot of fitness equipment in it. This means that a wet cleaning of the floor or cleaning of the carpet can be made only manually or by using a special technique for hand washing.

Several times a day it is necessary to carry out hygienic cleaning of handholds and seats of fitness equipment. This procedure should be performed with special disinfectants that do not cause allergy or other reactions after skin contact.

When cleaning in the gym it is necessary to pay special attention to safety measures adherence by employees. Fitness equipment is technically complex and heavy hardware, so accidentally hitting one of them, may result in injury or damage of the equipment itself.

Group exercise gyms

Fitness-centers cleaningGyms for group exercise form a special environment which contributes to growth of bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to wet cleaning of floors with disinfectants. This type of cleaning can be performed either manually or with the use of specialized equipment. It is also necessary to choose the detergent depending on the type of flooring, which can be laminate, linoleum or special sports flooring.

It is important to clean regularly ballet bar, mats for training, and also other sports equipment that customers touch. As during intensive physical activity people sweat, and, consequently, skin is particularly exposed to the negative influence of various microorganisms.

Dance halls often have mirrored walls. Therefore, for the ideal purity such surfaces should be cleaned regularly. It is also necessary to look after the microclimate in premises of fitness centers and regularly clean air conditioning systems.

Cleaning fitness centers should be performed more often than in an office or commercial premises. Apart from the morning or evening cleaning, it is necessary to carry out maintenance cleaning of the various zones during the day. F5 Service Company always provides an opportunity to coordinate frequency of cleaning, number of staff, their qualification, and also solves all of the questions relating to the cleaning agents. Company specialists can carry out an examination and advise on all matters concerning your premises cleaning.

Showers and changing rooms

Going to gym starts with changing room and ends as a rule with shower. Therefore, these zones also should sparkle with clean both literally and figuratively.

It is necessary to do wet cleaning in the changing room several times a day. It is necessary to clean lockers and benches for changing clothes.

You need to clean toilet facilities more often, about every 30 minutes or an hour. With the same frequency you need to clean shower area: walls and plumbing facilities shouldn’t be covered a soap stain marks, lime scale, small pieces of trash. It is important to remove hair from shower drains regularly. Also, you should promptly replenish soap, toilet paper, towels; regularly take filled trash bags out.

Specialized zones cleaning

Fitness-centers cleaningModern fitness centers often have many areas which also need specialized approach to cleaning.

For example, in a massage room you should pay attention not only to floor cleaning, but also to massage table. Many experts though prefer to take care of their own professional equipment themselves. In sunrooms it is important not only to maintain floor, walls and furniture clean, but also practice proper hygiene in the sunroom. Therefore, you should use special antiseptics.

In order to maintain hygiene in the sauna it is required to carry out cleaning of all surfaces, whereas moisture facilitates active growth of bacteria. For wooden surfaces, one should use special chemicals which simultaneously clean and disinfect wood surfaces.

Peculiarity of cleaning swimming pools is that you need to use electrical cleaning equipment with caution or completely eliminate use of equipment in favor of manual cleaning.

Special attention should be paid to areas of common use - lobbies, corridors, cafes, recreation rooms for staff.

Specialists of the F5 Service Company clean fitness clubs in accordance with all the requirements to sports centers. You can order of professional cleaning of fitness centers by dialing: +7 (495) 641-70-80 or +7 (916) 565-53-21.