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Cleaning in food industry enterprises

Cleaning in food industry enterprisesCleaning in the food industry enterprises – is a rather specific type of cleaning demanding the use of specialized equipment, cleaning agents and skills of staff. Moreover, it is a quite time-consuming type of cleaning.

Cleaning on the enterprises connected with food production is carried out in accordance with the sanitary standards and requirements adopted in Russia.

Besides daily maintenance cleaning, once a month it is necessary to do clear out. Every six months on food enterprises it is necessary to implement diagnostics in order to identify insects and rodents, and also perform works on disinfestation and fumigation.

During cleaning in hot and cold shops it is important to use professional cleaners and disinfectants that will efficiently accomplish a set task and at the same time will not harm production during contact with the treated surface.

Specialists of the F5 Service use certified cleaning agents produced by leading manufacturers of professional household chemicals, which can efficiently deal with the cleaning of various surfaces.

Cleaning peculiarities.

Compliance with sanitary code in the food enterprises is the key to the health of consumers, protection of product from damage, and therefore it’s one of the components of the prosperity of your business.

For high quality cleaning we make up a plan of sanitary cleaning which takes into account all the needs of a particular organization.

This schedule includes not only cleaning the floor, but also walls, ceilings, doors and other surfaces because in such enterprises they are exposed to grease and other types of pollution no less than floorings.

Описание: Cleaning in food industry enterprises All zones of enterprise specialized in food production: hot and cold shops, dining rooms, warehouses, product pipes, shower rooms and toilets are subject to cleaning.

We pay special attention to cleaning and disinfection of the premises where vegetables, cereals and other raw stock are stored. Apart from cleaning floors and disposal of complex pollution, they require aerosol disinfection. Periodically it is necessary to treat the walls with special agents in order to protect them against pathogenic microorganisms and mold.

Particular attention should be paid to chemical cleaning of different equipment: refrigerating machines, cleaning of ventilation systems, preventive measures for piping systems cleaning, whereas in food industry, they are particularly exposed to grease pollution.

Close attention is paid to cleaning of the equipment and stock. Not only the quality of products, but also durability of the equipment depends on that. In the course of such activities we carry out cleaning from grease, oil, soot or burn-ons on various kitchen equipment: gas or electric stoves, ovens, fryers, grills, cutting equipment.

Описание: Cleaning in food industry enterprisesIt is important to carry out regular wash and disinfection of preparation tables, cutting machines, industrial scales, cabinets or shelves for storage of kitchen appliances.

Cleaning works in the food enterprise also imply the timely disposal and removal of trash.

You can order cleaning services for foods production enterprises, as well as for restaurants, cafes and bars, by calling F5 Service Company:

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