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Cleaners are gaining popularity…

Cleaners are gaining popularity…Day by day professional housekeeping is becoming more and more popular among private individuals, enterprises and institutions of different levels. But still both potential customers of cleaning agencies and loyal customers don’t even imagine how difficult and multifaceted work of cleaners is.

This raises many unwanted questions. In the result, cooperation, favorable for both parties becomes impossible, due to the customer’s misunderstanding of peculiarities of cleaning companies work.

We turned for consultation to Vitaliy Ilyn, specialist of a major cleaning company F5 Service. He agreed to answer a couple of our questions. We are sure, that the information revealed will contribute to the gaining popularity of cleaners and will make working schemes of specialized cleaning companies clearer and easier for understanding.

Suitable candidate do not grow on trees

- Vitaliy, many people are sure, that work of a cleaner doesn’t demand any special skills, that is why even people off the street can easily do this kind of job. Is that true?

- No, this is not true. Highly qualified cleaner has nothing in common with old women with brooms and mustached wiper with a wooden shovel. Trained cleaner should possess a whole range of qualities, among them corresponding education (!), physical stamina, tidiness and wit. Of course, stress resistance is also of an asset.

A person, who wants to succeed in cleaning, should be ready to work 25 hours a day, as he usually has to work overtime. Meanwhile, any self-respecting cleaning company fosters stark discipline among its employees. This is motivated by the fact that cleaners have to deal not only with marble columns and pottery toilets. They clean high-tech equipment, tall structures, and also clean hazard areas on industrial plants.

Everlasting battle for cleanness

- What does an average day in you cleaning company start with? Perhaps, from distribution of cleaning facilities?

- There are day and night shifts. In a cleaning company they both start the same. At first there is a briefing, during which managers and task masters allot tasks, and also indicate terms of their accomplishment.

Briefing often becomes a hotwash. Sometimes they indicate positive aspects in the work of cleaning teams, drawbacks of team heads. They also discuss emergency situations that from time to time take place on the service area.

During working days of cleaning teams seldom happen something funny. Strange as it may seem, but peculiar situations more often happen to special teams. Here is one of such episodes that happened in the team of industrial climbers of F5 Service Company.

Once in winter, in the process of roof cleaning on one of tall office buildings, followed by an awkward movement of cleaner, big piece of ice slipped from hands and flew right into the open window of the upper floor. Contrary to expectations, no one ever complained about the cleaners. But later, when the time passed industrial climbers found out, that office employees blessed Heaven, as during their lunch it sent onto tea table an immaculate piece of ice to cool their hot beverages. .

During briefing we also discuss result of adoption of new cleaning techniques. As high efficiency is only possible with constant improvement of the cleaning process. And competition among cleaners is growing exponentially day by day.

Then there is an obligatory instructing. At that time cleaners are informed about peculiarities of work in this or that area. This phase is very important, as each team member bears personal responsibility damage of customer’s property during cleaning. Of course in the view of such events F5 Service mandatory insures each its employee. But customers are different, that is why additional warning to be careful and attentive while cleaning offices and houses is never one to many.

Right after instructing teams of professional cleaners are taken to their work places where the start to work. Each group is formed individually taking into account peculiarities of a certain object. F5 Service is using its own transport to take cleaner to their working places.

Never a moment’s piece

-Some customers think, that a number of cleaners engaged under the outsourcing agreement, is unreasonably increased by contractor. They are absolutely sure that 2-3 people are more than enough, thus expenditures for their service fee can be decreased significantly…

Cleaners are gaining popularity…- Usually working unit of the company on a particular object consists of 10 to 20 professional cleaners (average employees) lead by a task master. Sometimes for cleaning of large areas we sent several such units. In this case their work is coordinated by a manager on duty. His activity in turn is controlled by a senior manager, who goes from object to an object.

That is how teams that work from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. look like. Their main tasks are cleaning of offices, trade pavilions, and toilet facilities. Besides, they also provide maintaining cleaning of surrounding area.

During the night shift (10 p.m. to 7 a.m.) number of cleaners on the object is increased at least twice, because at this time they usually need to clean everything, so that in the morning customers and employees could come to shining clean offices. During 9 working hours cleaners need to wash thoroughly every working place, utilities area and surrounding area. Every millimeter of a building is thoroughly cleaned with special equipment and professional cleaning agents. Besides, demands to the final result of cleaning are usually really high.

Mission possible…

- Can you please tell us how do you achieve cleanness in days-off and holidays? Do cleaners thoroughly wash in the last day before holidays and then just do not let anyone in?

- no, of course, far form that. In F5 Service Company there are special cleaning teams. They accomplish tasks to maintain cleanness on entrusted area. For them there is only one significant criterion- level of completion. Such works can be underway around the clock. Such teams obligatory include cleaners of various specializations. For example, for washing of windows and facades of tall buildings we engage industrial climbers. For certain works we also can engage representatives of constructional occupations.

Attendant cleaners from F5 go during holidays go on watch where it is necessary. At this time they carry out additional cleaning. In particular these people eliminate consequences of different acts of nature: rain showers, storm winds, unexpected snowfalls.

All such works are implemented in accordance with the Labor Code of Russia. There is bonus system for overtime work. On the whole, work of cleaners is well-paid; there are perspectives of career development, salary growth. Especially in F5 Service.